Saturday, September 25, 2010

I owe you one;)

Began my day in front of my laptop, 'old man' Khai was responsible waking me up, thanks man. My watch indicated that I'm going to be late for the listening paper. I only did a facial, brushed my teeth and soak my hair suffice to do the trick, which the outcome came out positive. 10 minutes until nine, I was at the exam hall. More than enough time to revise for a while, my luck didn't ran out there, a 'technical difficulty' occurred while everyone was waiting outside, in the end, the exam started on 9:30 instead of 30 minutes earlier, it gets better and better! Okay, fast forward, as usual I’ll make myself comfortable on my seat at the back, bla..bla..bla...exam starts...stupid address…hates this part, i was sleepy, seriously.. Good thing the listening part was almost over, with every might and strength left, I deactivated my observing kit right before the phonetics...As I woke up, Mr Razif was on the side of my desk. Well i gotta say, caught sleeping in front of him is like getting hit with Sven's Storm Bolt...Last for about 4 seconds until he began our illegal conversation. "Are you done?" he said. "Uhh...nope...these words, still can’t figure it out." replied me with a blur face. "How do you pronounce it?" Eh, is he serious? "Umm...Shanty?", I replied. "Spell it." he said. "Aa...S.H.A.N.T.Y?" Pointing on the next word he asked "What about this one?","Toan?" =.=" "Are you sure?" with a weird look. “Ton?” I'm dead...I am totally dead, how can I be alive? He teaches phonetics for class 1D..Miss Nisa is going to kill me when he tells her about this. "Its 'town'" he murmured. BANG! Another stun struck me, this time is the legendary King Leoric's Hellfire Blast...Are you serious? For a moment there i thought he was the most honourable, kind and handsome man existed, I was thinking of getting other answers as well yet, it was too late as he continues to walk to the front, leaving me ecstatic with the answer he gave. I owe you one~