Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Well, here at last. The place where I spend my whole childhood years. I gotta admit that everything is not the same as in the past. New venues pop out out of no where. The skate park, sport complex, new lots.. Its like I'm an outsider in my own hometown. I don't even know most of my neighbors... 5 years being away from home is sure enough to make me a stranger in my own town haha. I guess the only thing I can do now is start over again. Try to find new friends to hang out, most of my besties are out there still studying, kinda like a contra for being an asasi student. Good thing one of my old friend was in the same course, a girl though. men like me need a friend who do things together like hanging out, get going with futsal games, D.O.T.A... seriously, no one here is like any of those i require... and I'm gonna spend my whole semester break doing house chores and becoming the house driver/biker..haha. But still, I'm glad that I'm back here at home... with everyone. My Abah, Ibu, the twins and my noisy little brother Wafiy they make me felt like I belong here in my home, home sweet home~ I love you homey~ haha :D